Do you know the scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice meets the Mad Hatter and they have this wild tea party where everyone didn’t make any sense but at some point it was all okay in the end?

Well, that was what happened when we did one of the creative Exercises in our COM class, the Six Thinking Hats.

As a group activity, My groupmates and I had to reconcile which approved group concept paper to take for our upcoming Flagship Project in our COM class. It was very hard at first because we had to follow the format of the Six Thinking Hat system, so we all had to take turns every now and then, and not to jump to one hat to the next without everyone else finishing the previous one first, else everyone would be all over the place, and we wouldn’t understand each other at all.

We faced a similar problem also after we decided on what kind of booth we were going to pick, as we tended to stray off topic from what we were supposed to do. It was a good thing that one of us took track on where we were in the activity, especially when we were making the booth plan for the event. I was one of the people who drew the booth plan, so I really needed to listen to what the whole group wanted to execute. I was very grateful for one of my groupmates who took charge in keeping us all i the right track.


I had a lot of fun though, despite everything! It was an opportunity for me to try my hand at making floorplans and designs for an event (something that I have never really done), so it was a good experience.


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