I never really thought about anything concrete with what I was going to do with my life after graduating college. After doing the mind mapping activity in my COM class, I realized: how much I suck at planning for the future.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have, at least, a **very** abstract outline for what I want in life: Get to Law School, Get the Job, Help my family, etc. etc. The typical Razzle Dazzle. But it was really hard for me to make the whole thing concrete. I was never a detail-oriented person in the first place, so the activity really made me think. A lot. And by a lot I mean I had a lot of questions, like:

“How much money should I make for this event to happen?”

“How long will I manage to get the money?”

“HOW will I get the money?”


If you’re my friend and that you know me very well, I hate talking about money. Let alone think about it. It’s not because I’m stingy, but rather because I really find it as a limiting factor for a lot of people. It’s very stressful for me to think that there are so many people, good people, who are doing their best in their jobs and yet they don’t get the pay that they deserve. I didn’t really like how this activity provoked me with that thought, but it pays to be aware of these things, at the very least.

Which leads me in going to compare my mind map with the other people in the class. We all have different goals, but they are similar either way; it’s a fact that we are all aware that money is a big factor in getting the things that we want, and that a lot of us will sacrifice a lot of things in order to get them. Some people will have to hustle in the working environment as soon as they graduate; some would marry older men/women, and some have chosen a course that they didn’t want in order to get the pay that they need just so they can achieve what they want.

The process in gaining the money that we need in the mind map we made is long and hard, but, for me,  it doesn’t have to be a process that would make you regret for the rest of your life. There are other ways. It might take longer, and maybe 10x harder, but no one has to sacrifice his own being in order to get what he **wants**.


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