On March 20 2017, our COM 14 Class Flagship Project finally took place. A lot of memorable things happened before, during, and after the event.

The Pre-event

During the pre-event, many of the groups tied to make posters and facebook pages in order to increase the chances of people arriving in our event. For our group, we had to post on our facebook profiles, or send out our posters to our friends and orgmates personally through messages. For me, it felt as if we were in a competition of some sorts, in which each group had to find the most efficient way to get more likes, and exposure for the event.

Though it kind of felt like a contest, We tried helping each other out during the day of the event itself. For example, our group helped another’s by helping them set up their stalls and help in fixing their freebies (i.e. cutting stickers and invitations, etc., helping out in getting the chairs and tables from storage) We all can feel that we were pretty nervous and excited for the event, because it was something that we have been planning for weeks.

The Event Proper

I learned that in order for you to succeed in these kinds of events, you need to have a lot of connections. Because many of my groupmates were really close with their friends/org mates, we manage to garner a lot of people in our booths and also brought hype that was really needed for the event. Because ours was a fun and interactive Chinese booth that had a quick game (more like a raffle), our booth managed to reach the Quota because they also brought in their own sets of friends to experience what we had in store during that time. Aside from having a lot of connections, we also needed to be brave and ask strangers to participate ni our booths. This tactic was very helpful during the peak hours of the event when many people would pass by our booth. Because we kept on insisting that they join and participate, they became interested in our event.

Though it was a good experience for our group to reach quota, for others, they had a hard time with garnering people for their booths. Because we all promised ourselves that we would help each other out, it was a duty to help those in need. Whenever there people who would drop by our booths, we would tell them to go to the ones that are in need to reach quota. The booths that we personally helped were the booths who were excited with the event the most. For me, it was only right for us to help them, because their efforts should not have been gone to waste. Thankfully enough, because of each other’s help, all groups managed to reach quota.


After the event, we all felt glad that it was over. As we cleaned the area, we would always recall and commend what our colleagues did. We experienced a lot of good and bad things during the course of the event, but what mattered in the end was that no one was left behind, and that we all put each other’s needs first, because in our heads, it was a class effort to finish the project with 100% success.


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