I’ve always wanted to do something like this ever since I stumbled upon the Meme on Tumblr a few years ago.

The rules are pretty simple. Take a old drawing that you made X years ago and try to draw it again.

It was hard for me to salvage a good picture for my art, because most of my old art was stowed away in the old family computer. Out of all that I managed to find, though, this was the one that I believed would have been best to use for the Meme.

White Rabbit 2012 (left) and White Rabbit 2017 (right) respectively

In a way, it was easy for me to conceptualize what the new drawing would be like, because I still remember the theme that I tried doing 5 years ago: An Alice in Wonderland-Themed Card. The character I drew 5 years ago was my take on the White Rabbit (If you cannot tell).

I did a lot of comparisons as I drew, such as me being able to capture his emotions, the color schemes and the lineart are significantly different. It amazed me that now, I can capture him better with my current skills as an artist due to all the practice that I had throughout the years. Though despite of all this, I can still see that it is the same character that I have thought 5 years ago. It’s as if the his essence as to why I drew him was still there, and that I am proud enough to say that I have now encapsulated what it is now in this current time.

Peter-Herald-Hopkin-2k17Step by step process for White Rabbit 2017 picture

To be honest, I’m not really that confident with how I draw especially since I know that there are better artists than me out there (and that I havent’t been able to draw for kicks for so long), but I’m very glad to be able to show this to the world, right now, at this moment.

Me being able to draw this is kind of my way to entertain myself on the big what-if I had in my life: which was to go into an art school and learn Animation (or something of the sort). Before I applied to my current course, I was thinking really hard if taking a fine arts course would be worth it. I rationalized enough that drawing was just a hobby for me and that if I took it up as a job, I would not have enjoyed it as much as I thought because the workload it had did not give enough payback for what it’s worth. (Don’t get me wrong because right now I am actually okay withmy course, quite interested in it even I’m looking forward to where it can take me)

Seeing the difference between the 2 drawings made me realize that just like them, I have changed a lot during the last 5 years. It was, in a way a kind of internal reflection for me as I drew because I knew that I was not the person I was 5 years ago as I was now. The new designs and the new style was a reflection of my growth, not just as a artist, but also as a person.

Bonus: Check out the Video below about my Log for my Walk the Edge project!


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