Dear 7 year old me,

I know that right now, you are living in a far more simpler time than I am; as of the moment, I’m pretty sure you’re probably watching Nickelodeon getting a kick out of Spongebob Squarepants and the like. And I should tell you, really that you should savor those moments, it’s going to be a tough ride getting older, but that’s okay.

I just want you to know that you’re not going to be the popstar that you’ve always wanted to be. Britney Spears is bad person, and I don’t know why you idolized her so much, but don’t fret, there are better role models out there for you, like your mom, and your older brother, and your dad.

Just like you savoring each episode of the Winx club, I want to tell you that you should savor the moments that you have with your family, especially your Dad. Always find find the time to tell him “I love You” everyday. I know that you’re a Daddy’s girl, and I’m going to tell you right now that he’s going to be your bestest friend ever. But he won’t last long, and when that time comes, I hope you get to understand why he left us in this world.

When he leaves, promise me that you should be strong for those people who are affected by that loss. Especially you mom. She might not have been the best for you when you were younger, but that’s okay. Both of you will get by. You’ve always been that adept to change. Your brothers will also be there to help you, it not the other way around. You’re one of the strongest foundations of the family, and I pray that you lose the hope, and lose the love that you have for them. We all need each other to get by. You’re not alone in all your pain and suffering.

You’ll be meeting a lot people, and you’ll be losing a lot of them too. But that’s okay, it’s part of life. You can’t always control everything, or get what you want (and this is something that we both know very well), and that’s also okay. What matters what you have now, and what you can do with it.

I wish you all the best,

Crystal Arcega (19 yrs old)

Dear 32 year old me,

Hi, self, it’s been 13 years. I hope right now as I’m writing, you are hopefully in a happier disposition than I am right now. (If you’re not, it’s all okay, not all plans go smoothly anyway).

I have so many questions for you but probably if I asked them, I would sound like a total *ssh*le to you. But eitherway you have to faced these questions from other people, so: Are you married? Did you actually pursue Law School? If not, Did you get the job you wanted? Or are you starting again from scratch?

Eitherway, I just want you to know that whatever place you are in right now, I’m very proud of you. I’m very proud that you have gotten this far in life, and that you still manage to keep whatever you have in the past 13 years alive today. I know that times are going to be much harder after college, heck as I’m writing to you right now, I’m more confused as I am than you are now. Hopefully once you see this letter, and you go back and remember me, you’re a more improved person with a better sense of direction. (both literally and metaphorically; I still get lost sometimes).

If there one thing I specifically hope for for you is that I hope that you still keep in touch with your siblings and your mom. Right now, they are really important to me, and I hope that they are still important people to you. Please keep close, and always remember why you are here in this life. We’re all not here for too long, and time is always of the essence when you’re with your loved ones.

All the best,

19 year old self

Even me, who’s like a lonely island can I shine on the outside:
Hayao Miyazaki: The Simplistically Complex Creator


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